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what's your top 3 SNES, and top 3 ps2 games of all time.


Donkey Kong Country: Diddy’s Kong Quest

Super Mario World

Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat


Def Jam: Fight For NY

One of those Cool Boarders games

Crash Bandicoot

As you can see, I never got deep into video games. lol

The ps2 games were strictly for when I was lifted, especially Cool Boarders. I’d play the levels where points didn’t matter, it was just endless boarding. I’d be sitting there like, “Wow, these graphics are so good. You can even hear the crunch of snow” smh

Are u a gamer??

A nostalgic gamer :) SNES - Playstation 2, all day.

*Rubs your clit as a friend*

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