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28. From Atlanta, but reside in Jacksonville. Mama/Student/DJ - The most above average around the way girl ever. Sucker for good sounds, dope artwork/comics, Minnie Riperton, Star Wars, Conan the Barbarian, and a nice ass. I like funny mufuckas, cause I LOVE to laugh. :)

This blog ain't safe for the faint of heart. You gotta have some passion in your system to fux with me. If you do....

Let's get lifted, love. Salute. ♥

shanniballecter replied to your post: Just watched Paranormal Activity 5 wit…

This reminds me of the time I came back from seeing Insidious with my best friend, and I made her spend the night, but she fell asleep and I didn’t fall asleep til 7am

Yooooooooo! I feel you, mamacita! Insidious was another movie my brother made me watch. (are you noticing the pattern here? lol) I was siiick the entire night, yo. Night light and urrythang.

blackladyblue replied to your post: Just watched Paranormal Activity 5 wit…

You watch some funny cartoons, and then some porn, that’s how you sleep.

But Kai….just this one time in my life, cumming is not appealing to me. lol

Just watched Paranormal Activity 5 with my brother.

I’m so stressed right now.

This is exactly why I haven’t watched any of the others.

Now this mufucka talmbout, “Well, I’ma head to bed. See you in the morning.”